The dark sky with heavy clouds converging and a violent storm before the rain.Bad or moody weather sky and environment. carbon dioxide emissions, greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change.

Climate change is a growing crisis that preoccupies many people. The rate of climate-related disasters is increasing, and scientists are issuing ever more dire warnings.  […]

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Who We Are

AFM Consulting LLC is a website and consulting practice dedicated to making complex payments concepts easy to understand, cutting through the jargon to get to the essentials that everyone in the industry should know. Its founder, Aaron McPherson, is a 25-year payments veteran, having worked in both research/consulting as well as the industry’s biggest financial technology provider, FIS.

What We Do

We provide research-based consulting services to large and small businesses focused on partnerships, market assessments, competitive analyses and market forecasts. We also provide training, both in-person and remote, in the full range of payments topics, all delivered in a simple, engaging style that welcomes questions and curiosity, perfect for new employees, salespeople, and others who may be coming into the payments industry from elsewhere. We also provide periodic articles on our Blog page covering topics in finance, technology, payments, and other insights we derive from our professional activities. Aaron McPherson has a long history of this sort of outreach, on his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


Competitive Analysis

Using market trend analysis, we identify the key differentiators in the medium term, and help you understand where you stand relative to your competitors.


Market Trend Analysis

Spearheading analysis of trends, markets, and competitive data to drive transformational strategies.


Content Development

Impactful communication of brand identity, strategy, and market fit using the latest market research and executive insights.


Strategy Development

Bringing subject matter expertise, data-driven insights, and an innovator’s mindset to the collaborative work on strategy and execution

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